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The April meeting of the NwGFCA took place on 4/23/13 at the Catoosa County Fire station #1. The meeting was called to order at 1000 hours by President Chuck Nichols. Chief Nichols welcomed everyone to Catoosa County on behalf of the Catoosa Co. Fire Department. There were 24 members in attendance and 2 sustaining members.  Chief Gary McGhee gave the invocation in the absence of Chaplain Harris.

An update was given by President Nichols on the Executive Board Meeting that had taken place just prior to the meeting. The board is researching ways to recruit membership and reach out to non-participating departments in the area. President Nichols also reminded members that dues were due in January and reminders had been sent out via email. Future education and training goals were discussed for the area as well as sharing area resources and addressing regional issues through the association.

Treasurer Gary McGhee gave the Treasurers report. We now have 58 paid members, 1 Assoc. member, and 4 sustaining members. Numbers are down from last year.  The ending balance of funds is $3,473.95.

1st VP Darrell Mitchell gave an update on the Area 6 Mutual Aid Plan. The new contact number for the MAC6 is 903-287-MAC6 (6226). There are currently 4 MAC6 at this time; Darrell Mitchell, Rob Tanner, Greg Echols, & Phil Chovan. 2 more are needed. A communications test was conducted at the meeting to demonstrate how the system works. The phone rings 5 phones at once. If no answer from the MAC6 on call, it goes to voice mail and sends both voice and text to all 5 phones. Text messages can be sent to the number and it will go to all 5 phones as well.

Phil Chovan gave an overview of the system and how the MAC6 would tie in with GMAG, Tri-State Mutual Aid, & GEMA Area 6 Coordinator to improve communications and coordination.

President Nichols gave an update on the annual Muster Tour. Chief Ray King is working on final details and dates. Chief McGhee is working on T-shirt designs and needs to get sponsor info ASAP to get the order in in time. Chief Nichols stated that area Chiefs need to encourage participation and support their teams by allowing coverage for them to participate. We hope to have a schedule and flyer out soon. Chief Jamison will email rules to area members so that teams can start practicing.

GAFC Sgt. at Arms Dwayne Jamison gave an update on the Georgia Assoc. of Fire Chiefs. The Spring Executive Conference in Savannah was a great success. There was a great turnout with very good educational courses. The conf. began with a Unification Partners meeting. Chief Jamison gave an update on information covered by the various associations and state agencies in attendance at the Unification Meeting. Chief Jamison also reminded everyone of the upcoming Georgia Fire Service Conference in Albany on Sept. 10 – 15. He encouraged everyone to join the GAFC if they weren’t a member and reminded everyone to pay their dues if they haven’t already.

Georgia Firefighter Standards & Training Director Lyn Pardue gave an update on his agency. He expected $16,000.00 in budget funds that were previously cut to be restored to the agency through the legislature. They may possibly rehire their IT person full time. Chad Cobb has left and David Cummins is now over testing for the agency. Tony Pritchett & Calvin Cochran are new member of the council. Rules updates are still underway. And they are working to update their website.

Chief Lenny Nesbitt gave an update on GSAR Task Force 6. They were recently deployed to Bartow County for an explosion at Plant Bowen. Chief Jamison gave an overview of the incident and thanked all agencies that responded and helped with the incident. There are possibly going to be some opportunities for additional training over the summer.

David Luther reported for the Georgia Firefighters Pension Fund. He reported that the Inmate Firefighter definition and the Part Time Firefighter issue is going back to the General Assembly next year and the dues increase passed and will be effective July 1st 2013. They are also working on updating their website.

Vince with Fireline advised that he had several new appliances that he could bring out to the area departments to demonstrate.

GSFA Treasurer Gary McGhee gave an update from the FF Assoc. He highlighted some of the educational tracks & speakers for the upcoming Georgia Fire Service Conf. in Albany, gave a review of the Ga. Fire Equip. Show in Perry, and gave a legislative update. He advised that the GSFA is having a good working relationship with ACCG.

New Business – Capt. Busby advised that the Ga. Police & Fire Games will take place in Dalton on June 17 – 23. For more information go to

Old Business –             Secretary Jamison also gave on update on the NwGFCA website. We will rebuild it to a whole new site but retain the web address. There will be new features on the site and access will remain with the association. Meeting was adjourned and lunch served at 1200 hours.

Submitted by Secretary Dwayne Jamison