The Association membership shall be divided into four classes: Active, Associate, Sustaining and Honorary Life.

ACTIVE MEMBERS shall consist of those persons who at the time of election to membership are Chief Officers, Directors, or any other fire department Officer who carries the duties of a Chief Officer as determined by the Chief of his or her department of a regularly organized fire department in any municipality or county, private and government installations, paid or voluntary in the State of Georgia including public safety directors and emergency management directors, whose span of control and management includes regularly organized fire-rescue-EMS departments. Additional members may include CEO’s of allied fire chiefs and firefighter’s associations. 

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS shall be those members from any governmental agency allied with the fire service. Those persons holding an associate membership shall not have a vote and will be excluded from those meetings where only active members shall be allowed while in conference. Associate Members shall meet in separate sessions during such time and under the auspices of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall approve all Associate Members for membership. Associate Members shall pay dues but shall be ineligible to vote or hold office.

SUSTAINING MEMBERS shall be those persons specifically interested in the fire service and its advancement. They shall include, but not be limited to those persons involved in sales of fire apparatus, fire equipment, clothing, etc. Those persons holding a Sustaining Membership shall not have a vote and will be excluded from those meetings from which only Active Members shall be allowed while in conference. The Executive Committee shall approve all Sustaining Members for membership. Sustaining Members shall pay dues, but shall be ineligible to vote or hold office.

HONORARY LIFE MEMBERS shall be any Active Member of the Association as defined in Article 11, who shall be honorably retired or honorably severed from active firefighting service after at least five (5) years as a member in good standing of this Association. This honor is automatically bestowed on the member upon notification to the Association, and he or she shall be exempt from the payment of dues and shall be eligible to vote but not to hold office, and shall otherwise retain all the privileges of an Active Member.

Any person who is desirous of becoming an Active, Associate or Sustaining member of the Association shall file an application with the Secretary, giving his or her name, position, residence, and department name.

Upon receipt of any application (except Honorary), the Secretary shall refer the same to the Executive Committee, who shall make the necessary inquiry as to his, or her, qualifications and personal fitness for membership.  After such investigative inquiry, the Executive Committee may admit all qualified persons.

Please download and complete the NwGFCA Membership Application mail to: NWGFCA, 8014 Cumming Hwy, Suite 403-115, Canton, GA 30115. Please make checks payable: Northwest Ga. Fire Chiefs Assoc. Active Membership:  $20.00 Associate Membership:  $20.00 Sustaining Membership:  $200.00.

These sustaining partners provide much-needed services and equipment to Georgia’s fire service.  Click on the corresponding logos to visit their site, and please support them when you can!